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Why Rocky Balboa is the Greatest Philosopher of our time….

Recently, I was watching the last installment of the Rocky series of movies, “Rocky Balboa” and after watching it I realized that “Rocko” (as Paulie called him) is probably one of the greatest philosophers of our time.  A simple guy, … Continue reading

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“NetLearning” Your Way To A Whole New Network….

NETWORKING – 1): the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. (Merriam-Websters) It’s a simple, straight forward definition and in a perfect world, I’d say it … Continue reading

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You Never Know Unless You Try….

Recently, I arranged for my oldest son to participate in a 2 day “SEAL Camp” at Sealfit in Encinitas, CA.  It’s a crucible event, designed to test those who feel they have what it takes to be one of the absolute … Continue reading

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Remembering Why…. To Live With Purpose

As Memorial Day weekend comes before us, I’ve spent much of this week remembering  fallen friends, those I’ve known, and those I only know because of the brotherhood, the family that is the military. I’m reminded on occasion of the … Continue reading

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A Radically New Career View

Folks, we’ve been fooled…. as far back as grade school, we’ve been told by our parents, our teachers, and our community that our goal should be to get an education and then find a company that will give us a … Continue reading

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How do I keep going?

This question was posed to me by a friend, currently looking for his next great career opportunity as we talked about his transition and the tough job market.   There’s no easy answer, but I offered what keeps me going… In … Continue reading

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Start with WHY…

So much talk about finding your passion, so much talk about having a mission… so little help in understanding what that really means…  I’ve been thinking about that alot lately for a number of reasons.  At the end of the day, … Continue reading

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