Why A Company of 1?

For decades we have been hearing how the employment contract is changing, “THEY” have pitted employer against employee making it appear that there is at times an adversarial relationship and at best a co-dependency.  I believe that there can be a middle road, a high value, high return for both the Company (Customer) and the Employee (Provider).  The Best Companies treat their vendors well, provide open and honest feed back and set realistic but challenging goals so that they can leverage their skills and or products to build their own busines…  Employers are not in existence to be the benevolent providers of a cush life.  Employers need talent, talent to leverage, talent to adminstrate, to organize to sell, to account all with the intent that they will drive their busines forward, profitably.

A Company of 1 is a revolutionary approach to managing your career.  Build your company of one, dare to declare your value proposition and find your market….


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