Don’t “Support” Veteran hiring….

Actually Hire Veterans!  

Okay, the headline was meant to get you to read more.  Sometimes I hate those teasers, especially when it’s on FB or Twitter.  They usually lead to some lame reference to what’s actually in the article or it’s so chock full of ads that I go home, so I get it.  Bear with me…

I spent 24 years of my life in uniform and I’ve spent the better part of the past 15 years helping my family in uniform transition successfully from the military.  Not that they need my (or yours for that matter) charity, but they sure could use “The Gouge”.

For those not from a military background, gouge is the key information that will get you from point A to point B with the minimal amount of hassle, trouble etc, without all the BS.

In this instance, the “gouge” is focused on how to get past the BS and understand how these highly motivated, disciplined and trained warriors can translate their experience and build their new career… or just get a job…. They just want to know the rules…

Yes, it is a far cry from Vietnam when most of America shunned, ignored or spit on returning Veterans, let alone wanted to hire them.  That also led to a decade of innovation, new discoveries as those returning Heroes integrated into the mainstream.  Today however, there is an overabundance of companies that are “Veteran Friendly“, yet in many instances they are only trying to take advantage of the available public perception, social media and other PR available by claiming, but not actually doing, any hiring of Veterans.  Equally confusing, equally ineffective.

There ARE some great companies (Start Up to Fortune 100) that have committed the time, money and resources to leverage this valuable asset.

What They Did:

  • They took the time to evaluate what talent they needed to be successful in the next 10 years.
  • They  evaluated what branches/pay grades/military specialties might fit.
  • They focused on the critical skills that are difficult to teach, leadership, discipline, courage.
  • They committed resources to align their greatest talent needs with the appropriate Enlisted and Officer job categories.
  • They educated their managers, their staff.
  • They focused on what they needed and could leverage
  • They communicated to those Veterans.
  • And they found success because they HIRED VETERANS!

See the business truth in it all is that there IS a $ value in hiring a Veteran.  They will typically save 50% on training costs (they learn FAST),  they will understand that sometimes there is 80% grunt work and 20% glory (Employee Engagement).

Bottom Line:  Turnover will be less, your operations will improve and you will gain more profit.

That said, not all the MOS, NEC, or Officer Occupational Codes are going to align perfectly with your business.

If you are a highly focused company in a particular industry and you’ve done your research, and there’s not a fit, then don’t claim that your are looking for Veterans.   Just put a US flag on your website, donate to Operation Restored Warrior or some other avenue that supports Veterans and feel good about it.  It will result in a heckuva alot more sales than “playing the game” and creating a steeper, darker climb for Veterans….

Keep an open mind, your business will change, grow, need different skills.  Maybe those of someone coming out of the military.

Don’t “Support” Veteran Hiring…….

Support Veterans….


About John Kalusa

A Career Management Thought Leader and creator of the "A Company of 1" approach to career management, development and mastery. Revolutionizing the way we approach our careers.
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