Climbing a Mountain….

Sawnee Mountain

Not sure why I needed to come here today, only know that I did. Perhaps I needed to get away, get above the crazy, busy world and just be… So i climbed. Its really not that far of a walk, but the mountain seemed tall, the top far away. A little like life I guess. We all want to be at the top of the mountain don’t we? See the view, experience the peace, wonder in the majestic beauty, be closer to God.

We see them, maybe even climbed a few, know the feeling of being at the top…. We know the trail can be rough, maybe there’s no path and we’d have to make one, and it can seem like our progress is slow….

So sometimes, we don’t climb, we play it safe… But the mountains still call to us, to each of us…with the vision and the song of all that we can be…

I came today because I wanted to talk to God about the mountain I wanted to climb. As I climbed I thought about all that was weighing on my heart, clouding my soul… I climbed, thinking about what I would say. I couldn’t wait to get there, I could see the top the whole way….

And then there I was, at the top of this mountain… the world laid out before me…and I was speechless.

I listened, I sang, I laughed and I cried. I came to talk, but I could only hear Him…

I wanted to climb my mountain, He told me to climb His…



About John Kalusa

A Career Management Thought Leader and creator of the "A Company of 1" approach to career management, development and mastery. Revolutionizing the way we approach our careers.
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1 Response to Climbing a Mountain….

  1. Eric says:

    Beautiful, my friend. Sometimes the soul yearns to be still so that it can listen.

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