Remembering Why…. To Live With Purpose

As Memorial Day weekend comes before us, I’ve spent much of this week remembering  fallen friends, those I’ve known, and those I only know because of the brotherhood, the family that is the military.

I’m reminded on occasion of the sacrifice it takes to serve in the military, the discipline it takes to wake up every day to face danger, to train endlessley,  to strive to be better, to focus on the mission.  Knowing that you are far from home, and that every day you are out there, you are facing unknown danger,  putting your love for your family and your country above yourself.

I’m also reminded that these are not cold, heartless people, with war lust in their hearts, but rather they are brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, daughters and sons, people you know, who want to bring peace to the world, to protect their loved ones, to serve…. they heard the call…. and answered.

Memorial Day is not about honoring veterans,  nor is it about thanking the active duty military.   That’s for every day.  Rather it is a  special day of remembrance.   It is a solemn day, one of quiet gratitude and the humbling memory that there are those who when faced with danger, when fighting against an able and dedicated enemy, did not falter, did not run…. Instead, they stood, side by side with their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines and determined to complete their mission, fought with all they had, moved forward instead of retreating, and in in the end gave the greatest sacrifice.

They fulfilled their purpose, so that we can live in a country that wakes up with the promise that happiness, while not guaranteed, can be pursued freely, that spiritual fulfillment, however found, can be practiced freely, that life however dreamed, can be lived….freely.

This morning, I found a poem my oldest son Kyle wrote a few years ago and posted today on tumblr, that I’d like to share.

Sound of War

 I remember when I no longer heard the sound of war.

I remember not hearing the sound of that rifle round.

I remember thinking of home as my body fell down to the  sandy floor.

I remember the sound of bells ringing and children singing.

I remember seeing an angel and the tears streaming down her face.

I remember the warmth of her touch and the freedom in her loving embrace.

I remember closing my eyes and seeing darkness no more.

I remember when I no longer heard the sound of war.

— Written by: Kyle Kalusa 2/18/08 —

Let’s all stop this weekend as we are firing up our barbeque, relishing  a wonderful spring weekend with family and friends, and remember those that have fallen, those who faced their fear and still moved forward to fight and who, when the moment came to decide, chose to live their life with purpose….



About John Kalusa

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