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Remembering Why…. To Live With Purpose

As Memorial Day weekend comes before us, I’ve spent much of this week remembering  fallen friends, those I’ve known, and those I only know because of the brotherhood, the family that is the military. I’m reminded on occasion of the … Continue reading

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A Radically New Career View

Folks, we’ve been fooled…. as far back as grade school, we’ve been told by our parents, our teachers, and our community that our goal should be to get an education and then find a company that will give us a … Continue reading

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Offshoring, Onshoring, Ruralshoring, Youshoring

At a recent TAG Atlanta – HR forum, I and a group of panelists discussed “The Changing Face of Employment”.  One of the questions that was posed was what effect offshoring would have on the IT employment environment and whether we felt … Continue reading

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